Design to Web

What is a responsive site, and why responsiveness is important?

A responsive website responds to whatever screen resolution it is being displayed on. This is important for a consistent experience of your website across devices. If people can't see or read your site, they leave it.

What is 'mobile first design', and why is it important?

Mobile first design is using the small mobile screen as a benchmark/starting point for a users experience of your website. If it works on the small scale, you can just scale up the site design up from there.

What are frameworks, and what are their pros and cons?

Frameworks are pre-populated stylesheets that can be referenced remotely from your code. They have pre-set default styles and values, saving time, and improving consistency.

A potential negative is that you don't have as much control or flexibility.

What is a wireframe, and why should we use it?

Wireframes are initial design drawings, boxifying elements and then locating them where you intend to place them on the page. These are usually in pencil, and sketched out on paper. They're a quick and easy way to work out the initial blueprint for your page.

What did I find difficult about implementing my wireframe?

Everything was hard.

Getting my head around how I was going to structure the menu was the hardest to get through I think.

I saw Shayan's menu and thought that was cool, it saved having to make a blog index page. But I found it difficult to re-work it into my site, as I didn't write it from scratch. I had to pull it apart to see how it worked before I could proceed with it. I still don't quite understand it :)