Technical Blog - Part 1

An analogy for HTML, CSS and DOM?

A good analogy is that of a house really. HTML is the structure of the house, how many rooms will there be? Where are the doors? Foundations? How many windows are there?

CSS is like the decoration for the house: what colour are the walls? carpet on the floors? paintings and photos on the walls?

DOM (Document Object Model) is like looking at the architect's blueprints for the house, with notes from the interior designer.

What does 'boxifying' design?

That means looking at a web page, or proposed dsesign for a webpage, and cutting it up in to smaller and smaller boxes.

This helps with understanding the structure you might want to follow when writing the HTML (structural) code for the site.

That is the Box Model

This is the term used for the process of boxifying described above. Treating the HTML pages on the internet as just a whole collection of big and small boxes.