How does life look through the 'pleasure, passion and purpose' lens?

Pleasure is always chomping at the bit to be satisfied to be honest. Whether it’s wanting a bag of chips and a block of chocolate to munch on at night, or wanting to be ‘right ‘ in an argument with the missus.

In both cases, the happiness is brief and fleeting, closely followed by regret. Both are involved with the endorphin hit, physiologically located and executed.

Life is a bit more complicated with the passion side of the pyramid (even though a pyramid technically has five sides, we’ll only talk about three ;)). Passion; flow; being in the groove; loss on perception in relation to time and space…truely beautiful. Reaching a place where ability meets challenge, nice.

But similarly, this is fleeting and hard to generate. There are times when I get this through creating art works, or wood working, crafting… coding? Where does the time go, honestly? It again is like a drug hit I’m my books. It is insular, private and fleetingly rewarding. Gaming generates some of these conditions that hooks me in on occasion.

What the purpose side of my three sided pyramid looks like is my immediate community here in Naenae (yes, is is spelt pretty much the same as the briefly popular dance move). I know my neighbours around me, and even get along with some of them ;).

Actually, we’re really involved with three or four families in my neck of the woods. Our kids play together, we share time together, share space though hospitality (cups of real coffee) and share some of our struggles that we’re going through.

The happiness I get from my community involvement doesn’t give me the same endorphin hit of euphoria that the previous two do, more like a general warm fuzzy feeling just below my left rib.

However, it feels more substantial. it isn’t reliant on my ‘being on my game’, or ‘performing acts of great physical or mental agility’. It just requires me to give of myself. My time, my space (and coffee) and my struggles.

Medium to long term Nice.

From the 'discovering values and higher purpose' exercise: What are your core values?

(I’m still not sure if this is what they are, or what i’d like them to be) Kindness. Generosity. Discovery. Laughter. Creativity.

What do you stand for?

Kindness. Honesty. Compassion. Continual growth.

How did you find the resilience ideas and meditation exercise?

I found this really interesting and really hard. The continuity of the focus on the simplicity of ‘mindfulness’ and it’s application to freeing ourselves from being swayed by our emotions is comforting.

The meditation part was harder. There is so much to address in my 40 years on this rock, floating around an interstellar hydrogen bomb. The feelings of failure ‘feel’ like they’ve been many. The technique of amplifying through consciously acknowledging the positive successes, to balance out the disproportionate perception of the ‘failures’ was helpful.

I also feel like I’ve got the ‘feeling stupid’ step down pat at times during this course. I’m feeling more comfortable with that now. ‘Failure is the mother of success’ is a good maxim. The temporal nature of these feelings, and seeing that they do intact pass, is a great help in ‘feeling the fear and trying to do it anyway’.

Any other musings?

I’m starting a bit more research in to how to be a better problem solver, and one belief I’ve come across that is relevant here is this: “There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.”

Kia kaha, fa’amalosi. “Stay strong”, or should I say, stay ‘mindful’.