What is the relationship between mindfulness and self awareness?

They are the same thing, or described as pretty much the same thing. Mindfulness brings purposeful attention to a point of focus, a trained ability to focus. Self awareness is informed by emotional awareness, and is the ability to look at yourself without judgment.

Try at least one of the self awareness practices from the chapter (Body Scan, Journaling). What was your experience of it? How did you feel?

The body scan was easy to do, and surprisingly relaxing. Each body part I brought attention to seemed to relax a little bit.

I felt it was a neat way of connecting emotions to my body. I could feel the tension in my back I wasn’t consciously aware of.

Relaxing my back seemed to help identify some emotional tension I possibly have stored up in my back, as a result of struggling with the game assignment this week.

What did you take away from the "My Emotions are Not me" section?

This was a great section, subtile changes in perception can have fundamental implications. Such as “Emotions are simply what you feel, not what you are.”

They are physiological phenomena that I can act upon, they do not constitute the core of my being.

My favourite quote was this:

“Thoughts and emotions are like clouds—some beautiful, some dark—while our core being is like the sky. Clouds are not the sky; they are phenomena in the sky that come and go. Similarly, thoughts and emotions are not who we are...”

Excerpt From: Tan, Chade-Meng. “Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace).” iBooks.