Daily Mindfulness

What did you learn from your 'mindfulness conversation'? How did the other person find it?

My wife is a trained counsellor, so this is just her normal practice really. It was like taking her to suck eggs when i described it to her :). I learnt how to actively listen though. Applying the meditation focus technique is a game changer though.

My wife likes to use it with our children, reflecting etc. but we both could practice actively listening, and dipping for sure.

Which of the three suggested techniques will you use to sustain your practice?

The active listening, through using the meditation focus is a keeper in my mind.

Any other musings?

Talking this through with a family member who has some intermittent anxiety lapses has been really valuable. The concept of just doing one mindful breath a day feels achievable, rather than another practice to fail at.

This is life changing stuff really. Thank you.