How did the 'process over product' concept affect the way I tackled the site redesign and rebuild?

I had to let go of trying to get the look 'just right'.

I screwed up a couple of things, and had to throw a couple of things out the window and start again. But I think it has given me a better understanding of how some things work.

I had to focus on what process I was doing rather than the end product.

Emotional Intelligence

What Did I think about meditation before reading chapter 2?

I've always thought meditation has been beneficial. It has always seemed quite hard to maintain focus though.

What new things have you learnt about mediation?

The concept of happiness being the mind's default state, and experiencing happiness was to be 'allowed' rather than 'pursued', was interesting.

I also found it helpful to see it as exercises, to be improved upon instead of being great at straight away.

Did any of the suggested mediation techniques stand out to you?

The four step method of maintaining focus seemed good. Acknowledging, experience without judging, react with mindfulness and letting go.

Any other musings?

I'm encouraged to pursue this practice more and more as a life long enquiry.