Reflections on Shereef's fire side Chat:

My take on the EDA experience so far is one of an opportunity to strike out, and do something difficult and awesome. That is, that it's awesome because it's difficult.

I tell my 7 and 9 year old daughters that the 'secret to life' halves your disappointment and doubles your happiness... The secret that I share with them is... 'Life is Hard'.

After the frown on their face passes, I explain that if you accept that life is hard, then you're not surpirsed when things don't go the way you planned. Your disappointment is halved.

When things do go your way, Awesome! you know how hard that little victory, or twist of fortune, was to come by, because 'life is hard'.

EDA is, and going to increasingly be, hard. That makes the journey even better (I hope).

My impressions are that the coaches seem nice, supportive and knowledgible.

My cohort felt large and a bit intimidating to begin with, but my Roa Tahi sub-group seem cool and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better.

Working from home seems daunting, balancing family life and study. But the fact that this is a crucial job transition, and more and more 'life changing' transition, that alone is quite a good motivator for me.

I feel I'm going to engage with this culture quite well.

I'm creative and extrovert by nature, and I hope these attributes add to people's journey around me.

I think my expectations of EDA changed a little after watching the video, but it changed most when I had my initial 'interview' with Rohan.

I asked him what kind of questions will be in the interview. He said 'That's up to you, I'll be the one answering your questions.' I was in the driver's seat.

The quality of the interview depended on the quality of 'my' questions. My expectations of EDA depends on the expectations I place on myself I'm starting to think.

I'm both excited and nervous to participate in this learning environment. Excited for the growth in myself and in my fellow cohort-ies; nervous about multiple acts of failure that I'll have to become comfortable with.