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Wednesday, 15th March 2056

About UILI

I am a fast learning, hard working and passionate Web Developer. Ideally, I am looking for a progressive working environment to continue my exciting learning journey.

While being new to the tech industry, I bring a wealth of experience, skills and talents gained through my previous employment phases. I have a mature approach to the professional workplace, balanced with a disarming sense of humour. I get along with people easily, through my experience in working in Government, trade and retail workplaces.

As a Junior Web Developer, I believe that high levels of productivity, and strong workplace satisfaction, are directly correlated with personal well-being and opportunities for continuous learning.

Through my time at the Enspiral Dev Academy, I’ve been able to achieve a seismic shift in my career journey, into the tech industry. With my creative arts and academic background, I’ve found found a new set of tools to explore and express myself with.

With the new web dev tools I have learnt, I love building digital things, where there’s always something new to learn. This has felt like a natural progression from my interest in creating things with my hands.


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